Limerick Historical Society

P.O. Box 83   Limerick,  Maine 04048

Our Mission

The Limerick Historical Society, Inc., is organized for educational purposes; to collect information and artifacts relating to the history of Limerick, Maine and surrounding areas, and to provide guidance to the town regarding the preservation and restoration of its historic buildings.

About Us

The Limerick, Maine historical society was founded in 1981 and reorganized as a non-profit corporation in 1998. Its collections are kept in the town-owned Moore Building; the law office of Luther Moore during the late 1800’s, and the society-owned Limerick Academy which served as a school from 1881 to 1925. Both are on Main Street.

An annual open house is held at the Limerick Academy, often featuring special exhibits. This building is undergoing restoration, and is an important focus of the society’s activities.

The Moore building contains information on area cemeteries, genealogical materials, and other records of town history. The two buildings are open by chance or by special appointment. Stop in when you see the flag! 

Our Collection

A generalized listing of items in the Society’s collection is yet to be compiled. The Society does not offer regular hours; the buildings are open when the flag is out, or by appointment. The Limerick Public Library keeps some items that can be accessed when the library is open.

Available at the Limerick Public Library
Here are some highlights of the information available at the library. For contact info and hours go to: To search the catalog online, go to the library site and enter Limerick in the search field.

Annual Report of the Town Officers of the Town of Limerick, 1909, 1910, 1929, 1937, 1938, 1948, and to the present. This collection is incomplete.

The Sokokis, high school yearbook, from 1936 to 1969, incomplete collection.

The Fire of 1947, a video on VHS.

An uncatalogued item, Souvenir of Limerick, Maine 1912, published by The Maine Map & Register Co., Brunswick, Maine gives some history with maps, of Limerick up to 1912.

Cemetery Listings: Many small cemeteries are documented and this listing is available at the library. An Eagle Scout has undertaken a comprehensive search throughout Limerick to seek out a more complete list of cemeteries, some of which were not previously listed. The finished document, accompanied by a map, was placed into the hands of the American Legion, with the original lost to a computer crash. The Legion has retained what may be the only copy of this work: White-Tibbetts Post 55, P.O. Box 67 Limerick ME.

Almuchicoitt: Land of the Little Dog, by William Teg, published in 1950. An interesting book of early lore that includes Limerick. (The word, “Almuchicoitt” is Penobscot) Not available for check out.

Vital Records of Limerick, Maine: “Reproduced by Ancient Landmarks Society of Parsonsfield 1988” This manuscript is said to have been “rescued from the town dump after 100 years,” and includes records dating back to 1779.

1790 Census of Maine. Entries for Limerick are listed under York county.

Links of Interest

We are providing these links for your interest, and for research purposes.

National Register of Historic Places, FAQs:

Nomination papers for Limerick to become an historical district:

Search for the following topics in Wikipedia:
National Register of Historic Places Listings in York County, Maine
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Maine Historical Societies:

Organizations Active in Limerick
The Research Club:
on facebook as: GFWC Research Club of Limerick

Limerick-Newfield Lions Club:

Masonic Lodge: 
on facebook as: Freedom #42 Masonic Lodge Limerick Maine

American Legion
White-Tibbetts Post 55, P.O. Box 67 Limerick ME

2016 Events

7:00PM Thursday, 14 April 2016 
Defeating Witchcraft: The Witch Who Lived

Presented by Harry Kinsley. You might be surprised by what you learn! Conference Room, Municipal building.

7:00PM Thursday, 12 May 2016 
All About Luther Moore, Limerick’s Lawyer
Presented by Tony Carroll. The town lawyer may not have been all that residents thought he was! Luther seems to have had many interesting incidents and occupations. We are often surprised at what an ancestry search turns up! Conference Room, Municipal building.

2:00PM Saturday, 28 May 2016 
Annual Penny Auction
Don’t miss our 15th Annual Penny Auction & Silent Auction. The doors will open at 2 p.m. for perusing and bidding. There will be a children’s section and a toddler section. Drawings for the winning tickets will begin at 6 p.m. You or your representative must be present to win. Limerick Brick Town House.

7:00PM Thursday, 16 June 2016 
Genealogy 101
Learn the basics of how to research your family history using This program will focus on the steps needed to locate the information you are seeking about your family’s history. Limerick Public Library has this computer program available to patrons, so you will be ready to try it out on your own at your leisure. Fascinating facts about your lineage await! Conference Room, Municipal building. 

9AM - 2PM Saturday, 23 July 2016
Open House at the Academy: Explore Family Trees
 You are invited to visit the Limerick Academy Open House where many histories of local families will be on display. Your family tree can be displayed! Call any member of the Society or call 793-2227 or 793-8336. Albums, wall hangings, posters, charts and more will be of interest to all genealogy buffs. After all, most of us arrived here from somewhere else. Do you know where you came from?

7:00PM Thursday, 18 August 2016
Stretch Glass
Presented by Joanne Andrews. This glass was made in America during the 1920s and 1930s. Many examples of this type of glassware from her extensive collection will be displayed and then explained by our very knowledgeable presenter. Limerick Brick Town House.

7:00PM Thursday, 15 September 2016 
Forest Fires of ’47
Presented by Jim Carll of Waterboro. Listen to recollections of the time when much of Maine was burning. Mother Nature’s fury was unleashed as people, and everything they owned, were in jeopardy of being consumed by unrelenting, rapidly spreading flames. Hear first-hand stories of what it was like here during the weeks of struggle against impossible odds. If you were living here, you may have a story of your own to share with us. Limerick Brick Town House.

2PM Saturday, 15 October 2016
Highland Cemetery Walk
If only the stones could talk! Have you ever wondered about some of the designs and shapes of cemetery markers? Perhaps you’ve been curious about the very old stones and when the newer granite ones became fashionable. The mysteries of various inscriptions continue to intrigue the viewer. Highland Cemetery.

5 - 7PM Sunday, 20 November 2016
Potluck Supper & Annual Meeting
The evening begins with a Pot Luck Supper. We will then have our annual meeting and discuss how the year has gone and what we might do for 2017. Please join us and be part of the planning. Limerick Brick Town House.

2 - 4PM Sunday, 4 December 2016
Christmas Tea
Members and friends are invited to Del Floyd’s house to celebrate the season. You will be thrilled to see the wonderful displays and collections that she and her late mother gathered over the years. There will be tasty goodies, tea and coffee. Should the weather be inclement, the festivities will take place the following Sunday, December 11th. At 7 Locust Hill Road, Limerick.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Contact Information
Limerick Historical Society   P.O. Box 83   Limerick Maine 04048
info.limerick.hs@   207-793-8336 (President)
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