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   Welcome to the Limerick Historical Society’s web site.  We hope you enjoy its content, will join us at our programs and enjoy our exhibits.

  The Limerick Historical Society was founded in 1981. We own, and care for, the Academy, and have use of the Moore Building. Both are on Main Street , Limerick Maine

 The Academy, which served as a school from 1881 to 1925, takes much of our time as we work to stabilize it. It contains special exhibits and is open when the flag is out, or by appointment. For the summer of 2013, it will have an exhibit of Edwardian things.

 The Moore Building, which was the law office of Luther Moore during the late 1800s, contains our listings and locations of local cemeteries, some genealogical materials about local families, and town history. It, too, is open when the flag is out or by appointment.

Open House

3rd Limerick Academy

Limerick, Maine

Saturday, June 14th – 10 – 2

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We asked our members to tell us why we need an historical society for our town.  Here are a few of their comments

Roadmap to the past

The Limerick Historical Society provides our town with a roadmap, of sorts. This is a roadmap into the past where the traveler can meet interesting people, experience activities different from those of today, and walk down familiar streets past buildings and landmarks that have remained, been changed, or sometimes tragically lost. In taking this journey, the traveler gains a sense of rootedness, an understanding and appreciation of this particular place with all its quirks and characters, art and architecture, challenges and triumphs.
By preserving photographs and documents and even entire buildings, the Society preserves the town’s collective memory. It also offers opportunities for scholarship, social engagement, and good old-fashioned fun. I look forward to spending time with my Limerick neighbors and discovering more about the unique character of this rural Maine town.

Shelley Burbank




I was one of the founding members. I am always interested in the history, past and present, of our town. I am always happy to come over the hill on Main St. looking down on our town and know that I am home. Thanks to all who work to keep our History alive!    Nina

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